Everest Newsletter: May 10th, 2019

Everest Newsletter: May 10th, 2019

Dear Everest Community,

I cannot believe the end of the year is almost here! It has almost been ten months since the start of the school year, and our students, teachers, and parents have done so much to make this a special year for our school. We went on our tenth annual camping trip, had our charter renewed for five more years, went on three excellent study trips, and built a stronger school community.

Our toughest week of the year was this week, as we engaged in a rigorous and grueling testing week. This week, our students collectively completed 13 different tests — including AP exams, CAASPP, and MAP — and our students showed up magnificently. They were well rested (for the most part!), focused, and determined to do their best on these important external assessments, and we are incredibly proud of our students for their hard work. I am also deeply grateful for our parents for making sure students were prepared for school and our teachers for making sure students had the skills and knowledge necessary to do well on these range of tests.

I think it is either a bit ironic or completely fitting that the hardest week of the year fell on the same week as National Teacher Appreciation Week. As you have seen from Konstella announcements, our parents have been quite busy organizing and supporting our Spring Drive for the Annual Fundraising Campaign, and we have already fundraised 14K! I would like to thank the families listed below for their generous donations to the GoFundMe. These funds allow us to support the resources and programming that enable our teachers to do their important work with our students. Over the weekend, if you can contribute a donation to this campaign, I am confident that we can reach the 20K goal. Every dollar counts, and every donation is incredibly valuable to us! Thank you so much for your support!

Pam & Scott Bobbitt
Demetra Burrs
Jim Coyer
Lisa Crudo
Ana Curincita
Kathryn Hutcheson
Lopez Family
David Lopez-Celedon
Steve Menashe
Maria Millan
Omron Family
Jay & Nimisha Patel
Maria Rangel
Amy Rattner
Barbra Ristow
Susannah Sallin
Stacey Signorello
Skok-Self Family
Lisa Sweeney
Diana Torres

To donate and to view our progress, please visit this GoFundMe link.

Thank you so much!

Jimmy Zuniga
Executive Director