Everest Newsletter: April 10th, 2019

Everest Newsletter: April 10th, 2019

Dear Everest community,

Welcome back from vacation! We are hitting the ground running now that we are back from break:

  • – SAT School Day is today, Tuesday, April 9th. All juniors are taking the SAT, which is a college entrance exam required for most college applications. Normally, the test is taken on a Saturday morning at nearby high schools, but Everest is hosting a testing date on-campus today.
  • – This Thursday and Friday, our 9th, 10th, and 11th graders will be on their study trips. As a reminder, participation in the study trip is mandatory for all students. These trips are a wonderful opportunity for students to visit colleges and build community with their classmates and teachers.
  • – Next week, our WASC Committee visits Everest from Sunday afternoon until Wednesday afternoon. WASC is responsible for the accreditation of our school. We plan to have a parent panel on Monday afternoon where veteran educators on our WASC committee will want to discuss our school programs and progress with families. If you are interested in joining the parent panel, please reach out to me directly at jzuniga@summitps.org
  • – May is testing month at Everest! I’ll provide more details in the next update, but below is a summary of the various tests that students will be taking in May. Please make sure to have a conversation with your child about his or her sense of preparation for these tests. Our faculty examines student performance on these various tests to measure the college readiness of individual students as well as to make improvements to our academic program.
    • – 9th: Physical Fitness Test, MAP Literacy & Numeracy
    • – 10th: MAP Literacy & Numeracy
    • – 11th: CAASPP, AP Exams
    • – 12th: AP Exams, California Science Test

It is a very busy time at school, but there are many exciting events on the horizon, like study trip, spirit week, and graduation. I imagine that many of you will check in with your child routinely over the next few weeks to make sure s/he is finishing the year strong, but I also want to encourage you to make time to talk to your child about his or her growth this year. Praise hard work, and celebrate success! As I like to say, let’s sprint to the finish line!


Jimmy Zuniga