Everest Newsletter: January 10th, 2019

Everest Newsletter: January 10th, 2019

1. A Note from Mr. Z

Dear Everest Community,

Happy New Year! As a mentor, I always welcomed my mentees back to school from winter break by telling them that I missed seeing them. I also had a tradition of congratulating them on being halfway done with the school year! Often times, I would say something like: “Congratulations! You are halfway done with sophomore year, so you’re pretty much halfway done with high school!” They always groaned while I laughed about the reminder that time is short. I hope that you will take the opportunity to remind your child that we have officially passed the halfway mark! This is the perfect time for your child to reflect on the goals s/he set during his or her PLP meeting in the fall.

There are many exciting and important things on the horizon for the second half of the year, and I want to quickly highlight them for you.

(1) First, the survey for Flex Time courses opened on Wednesday. As you may remember, Flex Time are non-graded courses offered during the afternoons on Tuesdays and Thursdays and represent personal and academic enrichment for your child. Options include: ACT/SAT Test Prep, Slam Poetry, Coding Basics, and Silent Reading. We encourage you to speak with your child about the options available and remind him or her to complete the survey using his or her school email. The survey closes on Monday, Jan 14th at 3:20pm, and assignments will be finalized by Jan 16th.
By the way, if your child does not get into one of the class sections for ACT/SAT Test Prep, please email Aries Yumul at ayumul@summitps.org to receive free login information for the test prep subscription service that Everest has purchased for our students.

(2) Applications for our ninth grade class next year are due on Friday, January 25th at 3pm! Please help us spread the word about Everest by encouraging your family, friends, and broader community networks to fill out an Intent to Enroll form here (https://everest.summitps.org/enroll/) and attending our last Open House on Saturday, January 19th at 10am until 11:30am. Families are our strongest advocates, and we encourage you to talk about the small, diverse, personalized, college prepartory education offered at Everest as well as traditions like our PLP Meetings and camping trip.

(3) For the first time ever, Everest is administering an SAT School Day on Tuesday, April 9th for all juniors. Historically, mentors assist juniors in signing up for the SAT, but this year we are excited to host an official SAT exam during school hours and on-campus for free for all juniors. We hope this opportunity helps students save some money, benefit from the convenience of an on-campus test (since they are usually administered at neighboring schools on Saturdays), and lets students get this important test-taking done sooner rather than later.

(4) May is unofficial test-taking month! Freshmen take the Physical Fitness Test, juniors take CAASPP (which is California’s state standardized test), and all students enrolled in an AP Course will take at least one AP exam. I’ll provide more information in the coming weeks and months, but I want you to mark your calendars now and prepare to talk to your students about why these test matter to your student’s future and the future of our school! More info soon.

We are so glad to have your students back at school, and I am excited for all the great things that await us. Thank you, as always, for all of your support!

Jimmy Zuniga
Executive Director


2. The New Spiritwear is Here!

If you haven’t already heard – the new spiritwear is here!
T-shirts – $10
Hoodies – $25
Sweatpants – $30

Email to Mimi at mimiandnat@gmail.com to order yours now!!


3. Highlights from the EPO meeting – Mr. Zuniga:

During the first evening EPO meeting, Mr. Zuniga was asked to share his thoughts of the year to date, and his goals for the first quarter of 2019.  The exchange that followed was interesting, insightful, and worthy of sharing – so here are some highlights:

  • The Camping Trip and the Halloween party ran much more smoothly than in past years. Teacher retention is a factor, as it enabled the buildup of institutional knowledge, easier application of lessons learned, and enabled the overall organizational capacity to plan events earlier.
  • 1:1 meetings with each teacher before the holiday break revealed a few very positive common themes: dedicated teachers who are satisfied with the progress being made and ready for a well deserved vacation. “While everyone is eager for further progress as a school, the priorities we’ve chosen and the strategies we’ve implemented are resulting in measurable, positive and powerful changes.”
  • Although this is a year in which the school faces many challenges — a charter renewal year, Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation year, a new principal — we are making significant progress, and Mr. Zuniga and the faculty are all looking forward to digging into the next semester.
  • Foci for Q-1. Professional development on instructional strategies that can help students on either end of the performance curve (students far ahead who need additional challenge and engagement, and students who are falling behind and need support). And – getting ready for external assessments that are slated for May. In addition to CAASPP testing for Juniors (replaced STAR testing), AP exams for Juniors and Seniors, Everest is committed to having 100% of our Juniors take the SAT test this spring.

The discussion which followed provided insight as to Everest’s strategy with respect to APs, how to better understand Everest’s results when compared with those of other schools, what the WASC review process entails, and Mr. Zuniga’s perception as to the impact of the new administrative leadership structure. But newsletter space is short – so I’ve got to stop here!      Submitted by Linnaea Knisely, Junior parent


4. Winter Formal 2019

This year’s Winter Formal is January 19th from 7-10pm. It is located at 1550 Alameda de las Pulgas, Redwood City, CA 94061. The tickets are $15 for a single, $25 for a couple and $25 at the door.


5. Community Winter Celebration

If you missed the The Everest Community Winter Celebration on December 19th, you missed a great time! There was delicious potluck food and desserts (yum!), a raffle to win a 23andMe Ancestry kit and a talent show! Better not miss it next year!!


6. Girls Basketball

High school basketball is in the middle of the season. Under the strong leadership of coaches Barry Zirbes and Matthew Atwater, Everest Girl’s Basketball team has 10 players this year: Allison Escobar, Jessica Francisco, Isabella Gutierrez, Lillian Halapio, Maya Hernandez, Kaitlyn Hutrchensen, Melissa Hernandez Rivas, Kexia Rivas, Nika Self, and Samantha Suchite. The girls are training 4 times a week, playing hard against other varsity teams and persevering despite a hard season. There will be 2 home games (at Sequoia High School) in the first week of January 7th: vs. Cabridge Prep at 4:30pm on 1/9/18 and vs. ACE Charter at 8pm on 1/11/18. Do come and cheer the team on!

Photo: Winning score from the game vs. DCP Alum Rock HS. Top L to R: Kexia Rivas, Lillian Halapio, Melissa Hernandez Rivas, Nika Self, Samantha Suchite . Bottom L to R: Kaitlyn Hutrchensen, Maya Hernandez.

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