Everest Newsletter: December 12th, 2018

Everest Newsletter: December 12th, 2018

1. A Note from Mr. Z

Dear Everest Community,

Please join me in thanking all of the following donors who participated in this year’s Giving Tuesday fundrasiing campaign. With the spirited generosity of the following donors, we were able to meet our goal of raising $44,000 for Everest. These resources will go on to support a range of important programs at our school, and I can’t emphasize enough how humbled and grateful that I am for all of the ways in which our donors have supported our school.

Our total fundraising goal for this year is $85,000, so we have more distance to go in the spring to support essential programs that sets Everest apart as a school and community, but we have already witnessed the incredible power of our community. Thank you!

One easy way for you to help us reach our goal is to ask your employer to match a donation made to Everest. We have forms available and are happy to help you with this process. We have found that companies that don’t have formal donation matching programs are almost always willing to match a donation at some level and that means more funds for the school.

Thank you once again to all of our supporters:

Matching Pool Donors

Linda and Jon Burt
Mimi and Nat Ezray
Eiri and Andrew Inenaga
Todd Covey and Raquel Izumi
Thomas and Holly Joseph
Maria Millan and David Kramer
Mary Mahon
The Omron Family
Nimisha and Jay Patel
Amy and Andrew Rattner
Tim Robinson
Susannah Sallin and Tom Scherer
Natasha Skok and Matthew Self
The Signorello Family
Lisa and Terrence Sweeney
Mark and Joy Tsugawa

#GivingTuesday Donors

Frank Abild-Pederson
Judy and Bernard Briskin
The Cai Foundation
Dara Cordona
Jim Coyer
Lisa and Robert Crudo
Victor Curincita
Ruth Demma
Edwin Epstein
Norma Gomez
Hector Gomez
Michelle and Eric Gould
Richard Hamel
Cindy Lee and Frank Han
Heather Hatfield
Kathryn Hutcheson
Fabio Ingrao
Jessie and Joel McCandless
Lydia and Robert McCool
Steve Menashe
Danielle Mirabile
Blanka Nejedla
Maria Ornelas
Adelaida Paragas
Tim and Tammy Pigot
Andrea Ramirez
Maria Rangel
Barbra Ristow
The Robinson Family
Kathy Sacksteder
Dieter Scherer
Buddy Schuster
Sara Sova
Lisa and Terrence Sweeney
Karen and Mike Tannous
Jorge Torres
Rigoberto Torres
Diana Torres
Andy Valdovinos
Anonymous (Multiple Donors)

Thank you!

Jimmy Zuniga
Executive Director


2. Parent Volunteer Opportunities

Do you enjoy getting involved in school? Do you like meeting others parents? Are you looking for a New Years Resolution?! The Everest Parent Organization (EPO) is looking for new members to volunteer in small and big ways to support our school. Here are some ways to get involved where we need parent support!

  • Graduation Committee: Decorations, logistics, planning team, diploma printing, graduation gown management
  • Spring Fundraising Campaign: Communication and outreach, logistics, planning team, GoFundMe management and accounting support, preparation of printed materials
  • Open House (Sat, Jan 19 @ 10am) & Recruitment: Greeters at event, parent panel, middle school outreach, planning team, accepted student phone-a-thon

If interested in any of these areas, please contact Natasha Skok (natasha.skok@gmail.com).


3. Winter Community Celebration

There will be food, talent show, booths, raffle and more! Parents are encouraged to participate in the talent show. If interested, please contact Ms. Austin (eaustin@summitps.org) to get on the schedule. Let’s show the students that parents got talent too!

Please bring a dish/drink to share and sign up on Konstella so we can plan accordingly.


4. Sprint to the Finish!

Our Snow Leopards have been engaged in a new end of the semester campaign called the Sprint to the Finish campaign! We are pushing students to set more targeted goals in the Platform, to pass at least 2 content assessments per week, and to finish the semester strong with all projects submitted with high-quality work! The finish line for this competition, of course, is December 21st — the last day of school before winter break.

Mentor groups earn:

  • 10 points if their whole group sets high-quality goals in the Platform by Monday night
  • 2 points for each mentee who passes at least 2 content assessments per week (+5 points for each mentee who is done with the whole year!)
  • The glory associated with academic excellence AND mentor group competitions!

The first place winner will win $150 towards a mentor group party or swag, and the competition is getting fierce!!


5. The Boys Basketball Team

The Everest Boy’s Basketball team is off to a great start and could use the support of their fellow Snow Leopards. The boys are playing at the varsity level, so they have a tough season. There is one senior, one junior, six sophomores and five freshman players on the team and they have 24 games in the season. Last night, the Snow Leopards played Pescadero High School again and won 67-53. Great job! Come out and support the Everest Boy’s Basketball Team. Go Snow Leopards.

  • Top Row: Coach Cairo, William Kramer (40), William Davis (14), Nicholas Quon (24), Rohan Patel (23), Nathan Erbes (10), Elliot Bloomquist (30)
  • Bottom Row: Selig McCool (15), Jack Coyer (3), Nicholas Moriwaki (20), William Malverdez Cruz (6), Jonas Abild-Pedersen (13), Zachary Burrs-President (21), Nicholas Landeros(2)

Games are on the school calendar at http://everest.summitps.org/calendars-schedules/

The next home game is on Sat 12/15 Everest Boys Basketball vs. DCP Alum Rock HS 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm at Sequoia High School 1201 Brewster Ave, Redwood City, CA 94062!

Newsletter Submission Information

We publish the Newsletter every two weeks while school is in session. Email submissions to everestnewsletter@gmail.com. Any submissions received after the deadline will be included in the following week’s newsletter. Please include the organization name, event, date, time, location and contact info, including website URL. All submissions are subject to editing by the EPO. Everest Public High School and The EPO do not take responsibility for the content of any third party events, submissions, or websites.