Everest Newsletter: April 30, 2018

Everest Newsletter: April 30, 2018

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Newsletter At A Glance:

– Message From Our Directors
– June 5th Elections: A message from Diane Tavenner
– A few slots left for Class of 2022!
– Last Staff Appreciation Luncheon
– The EPO all parent meeting – What you missed!
– Upcoming May Birthdays
– Senior Corner: Graduation support needed!
– Trade Schools vs. 4-year Colleges and the Jobs that you can get from either
– Sequoia Parent Education Series

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School Calendar:

– 5/2 Teacher Appreciation Lunch 1-2pm
– 5/7-18 AP testing
– 5/8 MAP Testing Grades 9 & 10
– 5/11 9th grade Fitness Test
– 5/14-25 Expeditions
– 5/24 Celebrate Everest! Awards and Expeditions
Celebration of Learning 6-8:30pm
– 5/28 No School – Memorial Day
– 5/29 12th Grade Science Exam
– 5/30-6/1 Senior Trip

All events are at Everest unless otherwise noted. See  Everest PHS Calendar  for a complete list of events.

Message from our Directors

Dear Everest Family,

At Everest, we value our college going culture, and as of right now, we currently have 99% of our seniors already accepted to at least one four year college! We are so proud of our Senior Snow Leopards for all of their hard work, and we take our hat off to each senior mentor who supported their mentees through the college application process that led to this high level of achievement and success. As senior families know, most colleges ask students to formally commit to their school by May 1st, and students and mentor have been meticulous about surveying the best options and making informed decisions for the best fit college of the student’s choice. This is an extremely exciting and important time for seniors as they put foundational steps into place for the next four, and more, years of their life.

As a way to celebrate and promote college going and completion on a national scale, Michelle Obama started  National College Signing Day, which is an event that Everest has participated in each year by upholding a unique tradition. On Wednesday, May 2nd, we will be creating a student and teacher “tunnel” through the halls of Everest from the second floor to the first and out to the back lot for our seniors to run through and be celebrated in. Seniors are asked to wear the clothing of their future college, if they have it, or to make signs that represent their school of choice. As they go through the “tunnel,” students and teachers cheer and share words of encouragement for the seniors’ future success. At the end of the celebration, seniors will be treated to a snack in our back lot, and a group photo will be taken. This is one of our favorite moments of the year, and it is something our seniors ask about and look forward to. We are thrilled to continue the tradition this year, and we look forward to many more.

The end of the year is fast approaching, and with the stress of completing each course and making sure that all grades are where we expect them to be, it is important to celebrate the amazing progress and wins of our students and team. We are looking forward to Wednesday’s celebration, and we encourage each of you to congratulate seniors when you see them. Also, if you want a quick smile, ask them what college they committed to and be ready to see their faces beam with pride.

Go, Snow Leopards!
Chris Lewine & Drew Moriates



June 5th Elections: A message from Diane Tavenner

On June 5th, voters will have the opportunity to choose from several candidates running for office in California – including Governor and Superintendent of Public Instruction (SPI). The Governor and SPI are two very important elected officials who, on a daily basis, make crucial decisions that impact Summit Schools and the many students we serve.

Throughout Summit’s history, we have had to fight hard to exist – whether it be through opening new schools, renewing the charters for our existing schools, securing facilities, or obtaining funding. Through these experiences, and my six years of experience serving on the Board of Directors for the California Charter School Association (CCSA), I have come to deeply understand and appreciate the importance of who we elect to govern our state and the direct impact elected officials have on our ability to operate our schools.

This year’s state elections for Governor and SPI are among the most important I have seen in the 16 years since founding Summit. Given the importance of this upcoming primary election, Summit is joining CharterNation – a comprehensive voter registration, education, and mobilization program that CCSA provides to schools to increase family civic engagement and empower charter parents, like you and me, to advocate for the educational choices we want for our children.

In the coming weeks, you will begin receiving periodic updates from CharterNation containing important information about the upcoming primary elections. You can unsubscribe from CharterNation communications at any time. In compliance with Summit’s FERPA policy, families who previously requested not to have their directory information shared, will not receive any communications from CharterNation. If you have not previously requested to opt out of directory information sharing, but wish to do so now, please complete this short form by April 29.

As a parent myself, I plan to dedicate personal time outside of work this election season to advocate for the candidates who will fight for our schools and our kids. Join me in this incredibly important effort by volunteering as a parent leader with CharterNation. Sign up to volunteer here.

Your vote matters to schools and families like ours across the state! The deadline to register to vote in the June 2018 CA primary election is May 21. Not registered yet? Register online at https://registertovote.ca.gov/. Not sure if you’re registered? Check your voter status at https://voterstatus.sos.ca.gov/.

Thank you for all you do each day to support our students and our schools, and thank you in advance for voting this election season and representing the needs of our students and our schools at the polls.

Diane Tavenner
Summit Public Schools



Looking for Freshman for Everest’s Class of 2022

Do you have a neighbor who missed Everest’s application deadline? A friend who wants to go to the school you go to? A cousin who’s having second thoughts about attending a big, traditional high school? Or their parents, who’re having second thoughts about paying expensive private school tuition?

Everest has a few spots open in each grade level, including next year’s ninth grade class. We want to fill every spot to give as many students as possible access to our small, safe community and our college-preparatory academics. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors to apply to one of the top 25 schools in the entire state by applying online at summit.schoolmint.net.

Thank you for being an Everest ambassador! Please contact Ana Lara at alara@summitps.org with any questions.




Staff Appreciation Luncheon

It’s hard to believe that the school year is almost over! This is your last chance to show the staff how much we appreciate all they do throughout the year. The last Staff Appreciation Luncheon is Tuesday May 8th. Please go to the link below and say “Thank you” by signing up to help! http://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040B4AAFAE1-staff1


EPO All Parent Meeting: What you missed

This meeting was the opportunity to get feedback in order to complete the strategic planning process for Everest’s coming program year. Chris outlined the process taken to date: an overview provided in January about how Everest gets funds, and how they’re used, and noted that in concert with the State Education Department’s priorities – Everest has identified 3 primary goals:

1. Students graduate college ready (note: better stated per Chris, but these were my quick notes…)

2. Parents are partners are supporting their students and the school (repeat comment from above)

3. All community members feel safe at school (Chris emphasized that this includes physical and emotional safety)

Parents then broke out into small groups to address the goal that they were most interested in providing input. They reviewed the draft strategic plans for the 2018-2019 school year, (See Tinyurl.com/summitLCAPS for the plans for the 2017-18 school year) and were asked to brainstorm what do you like, what is missing, what can be changed or improved, and what are your concerns. About 5 minutes before the end of the 20-30 minute brainstorming process, the groups were asked to pick their top 3 ideas and or feedback that they wanted to share with the larger group. Here’s the thoughts per Strategic Area:

Group 1: College Readiness

They’re excited by the news that teacher retention this year is higher than in previous years, and by the new math curricula being introduced next year.


1. Consider implementing summer programs – particularly targeting freshman or other grades who need math or English help to come in better prepared for the year ahead.

2. Dual language for forms (also,ideally simpler forms) and to have an ombudsman at the school who can help parents better understand what forms entail, and why they’re important. Also to have support on an ongoing basis to help parents understand the dashboard and its impact to their student

Group 2: Parents as partners:


1. Have translation at every single event. And to have that service, and the expectation that translation will be consistently available. (not available at some events but not at others)

2. Recommendation: Provide more detail as to the impact and activities of the Dean of Students. The perception is that parents don’t know what this individual is doing in such a critical role, don’t have a relationship with them, and that feels like a missed opportunity.

Concern: barrier to parents feeling connected – when they reach out for help (pos or neg) either not getting follow through or running into a barrier – serves as a disconnect
Group 3: Safety

Really support first 3 proposed actions for next year – particularly expanding the role of the Dean of students

1. Increase staff presence to detect things – fight, drug abuse

2. Reach out to other schools – what does MA, Sequoia do.

3. Consider implementing Physical security systems, to be able to get a recording of events so that action can be taken.

4. Classroom Management – give teacher more ability to give consequences or discipline.

5. Implement enrichment programs – kids need to burn off energy with options such as Drama and PE

Chris thanked the parents for their time and input – and noted that the process from here is to review the feedback, prioritize based on input and our school’s ability to devote the resources to make it happen among competitive ideas and needs.

If you have suggestions, please send them directly to Chris Lewine, who is managing this annual strategic evaluation process.

Linnaea Knisely, Editor


Senior Corner

Hello Everest Parents,

Graduation is in less than two months and I have three requests

1) Pedestal Fans to Borrow: I am looking to borrow some pedestal fans for graduation. It can get hot onstage and up in the balcony at Carrington Hall…would you be willing to loan us a pedestal fan for the weekend of graduation (June 7-10)?

2) Control Booth Volunteer: I am also still looking for one more parent to join Andrew Inenaga, a freshman parent who has kindly already stepped up to help, in the control booth during the graduation rehearsal (Friday, June 8th 7-9pm) and graduation (Sunday, June 10th 3:30-6pm) at Carrington Hall at Sequoia High School. It isn’t a hard job, and the stage manager from Sequoia will be there if there are any problems. We just need people manning the computer to push play for the video, and then step through the slideshow as each senior’s name is called, and make sure the screen is raised and lowered appropriately. It would be great to have somebody join Andrew. 🙂

3) Help with Setup and managing Ushers: We could also use a few non-senior parents to help with the setup of chairs, decorations and manage/help with the student ushers at Graduation.. We are looking for people to come at 2pm on Sunday, June 10th to Carrington Hall at Sequoia High School. The bonus, you can see what graduation is like before your child goes through it. It is a parent-led event, so it helps if you have been to a graduation. 🙂

Please contact me at lindamburt@gmail.com if you can help with any of these things. Many thanks in advance for your help!

We also still need your help for food, volunteers and supplies…please sign up here to help: http://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040b4aafae1-senior



Trade School vs. College: What kind of jobs can I get with either program?

More from the article: https://www.trade-schools.net/articles/trade-school-vs-college.asp (The last one!)

In the last newsletter edition, the article outlined the costs vs. value (close to $1 Million over your child’s life time employment), of going to college vs stopping ongoing education after high school. It also noted the relative difference (about 15K/year) of pay for people who have finished a 4 year degree vs. getting an Associates’ Degree (the degree associated with vocational or trade school programs).

What Kinds of Jobs Can I Prepare for in Vocational School?
You may be wondering if there are different types of trade schools. The answer is yes. Some vocational schools specialize in one specific career area, whereas others offer more program variety. The different areas that vocational schools tend to focus on include:

Culinary Arts
Design & Art
Legal & Criminal Justice
Media Arts
Travel & Hospitality
Skilled Trades
Social Sciences

It may also surprise you to learn that some of the fastest-growing jobs in the country can be achieved with a vocational school education. The following jobs are projected to grow in number by 30 percent from 2016 to 2026.7 (The average national annual salary, as of May 2016, has been included as well.8)

Home health aide—$23,600
Physical therapy aide or assistant—$27,890 for aides; $56,850 for assistants
Solar photovoltaic installer—$42,500
Wind turbine service technician—$54,360

And these jobs are expecting a growth rate of 10 to 29 percent during the same timeframe:

Cardiovascular technologist—$57,100
Diagnostic medical sonographer—$71,750
EMT or paramedic—$36,110
Massage therapist—$44,480
Medical assistant—$32,850
Occupational therapy aide or assistant—$31,840 for aides; $59,530 for assistants
Web developer—$72,150

Additionally, here are some occupations that are expecting more than 50,000 openings between 2016 and 2026:

Childcare worker—$22,930
Computer user support specialist—$53,100
Dental assistant—$37,890
Licensed practical or vocational nurse—$44,840
Nursing assistant—$27,650
Truck driver—$43,590

Vocational schools can even prepare you for some of the better-paying jobs out there. A bachelor’s degree that takes you four years to achieve at a traditional college can often be attained in three years at a vocational school because the programs are more focused and streamlined.

Some of the high-paying jobs that typically require a bachelor’s degree—and that you can prepare for at a career college—include the following. (The average yearly salary is based on May 2016 data.8 And the projected number of new jobs is for the 2016-2026 period.7)

Accountant—$76,730 / 140,300 jobs
Computer network architect—$104,240 / 10,400 jobs
Construction manager—$99,510 / 46,100 jobs
Database administrator—$87,130 / 13,700 jobs
Dietitian or nutritionist—$59,670 / 9,600 jobs
Electrical engineer—$98,620 / 16,200 jobs
Film and video editor—$82,190 / 5,600 jobs
Human resource specialist—$64,890 / 38,700 jobs
Market research analyst or marketing specialist—$70,620 / 136,000 jobs
Mechanical engineer —$89,800 / 25,300 jobs
Medical and health services manager—$109,370 / 69,800 jobs
Network and computer systems administrator—$84,500 / 23,900 jobs
Public relations specialist—$66,540 / 23,300 jobs
Registered nurse—$72,180 / 437,000 jobs
Software developer—$104,300 for applications developers; $110,590 for systems software developers / 299,500 jobs

Again – If we have resident experts in trade related fields who would be willing to share information about summer internships or advice on programs for interested students, please contact the newsletter team at everestnewsletter@gmail.com

Linnaea Knisely, Editor


Sources cited by this section of the article:

7 Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, website last visited on January 18, 2018.

8 Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Employment Statistics, website last visited on September 6, 2017.


Sequioa Parent Education Series

Leah Weiss, PhD, MSW, Stanford University, author of How We Work

Mindful Parenting: How to Raise Kids While Reclaiming Your Sanity

Tuesday, May 8, 2018, 10:30am – 12:00pm
Sequoia Union High School District Office, Birch Room
480 James Avenue, Redwood City

Info & Tickets: https://leahweiss2018suhsd.eventbrite.com

Join us for a lively discussion about what parents can do to remain mindful – and not go insane! – while navigating the ups and downs of raising kids. Using self-compassion methods and tips and tricks to stay mindful on any given day (yes, even the hectic ones!), Leah will lead attendees towards a calmer and more purposeful parenting path.

Leah Weiss, PhD, MSW, is a teacher, researcher, and meditation expert at Stanford University. Her first book, How We Work, launched in March 2018



Jess Shatkin, MD, MPH, Author, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist (NYU)
Born to Be Wild: Why Teens Take Risks, and How We Can Help Keep Them Safe

Thursday, May 17, 2018, 7:00pm – 8:30pm
M-A Performing Arts Center (PAC)
555 Middlefield Road, Atherton

Info & Tickets: https://borntobewild2018menloatherton.eventbrite.com

Acclaimed adolescent psychiatrist and educator Dr. Jess Shatkin brings more than two decades’ worth of research and clinical experience to the subject, along with cutting-edge findings from brain science, evolutionary psychology, and other disciplines — plus a widely curious mind and the perspective of a concerned dad himself.

Jess Shatkin, MD, MPH, is Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Pediatrics at New York University School of Medicine. His new book, Born to Be Wild, is a winner of the 2017 National Parenting Product Award.

M-A Parent Education Series events are sponsored by M-A PTA, Sequoia Healthcare District, and Sequoia Union High School District.

Questions? Contact Charlene Margot, M.A., Director, The Parent Education Series, cmargot@csmconsulting.net. For Spanish, contact Lilly Quiñonez, Parent Center Coordinator, at 650-322-5311, Ext. 50255.



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