Rising 10th Grade Summer Assignment

Mandatory Reading Assignment
  • 10th Grade English Summer Assignment (<-- click the link)
    • Your summer assignment is to help you read and write with focus over the next few months and start thinking about the different ways that literature is used to tell us things about both society and the individuals living in it. You will choose a book to read, and then write a 1-2 page response. For more details, click the link above.
Mandatory Math Assignment
  • Everest Summer Math Assignment (<-- click the link)
    • Your brain is a muscle, and you need to exercise it over the summer to keep it healthy and strong! Math muscles are especially important to work out, because nothing bulks you up like practice.This summer, your job is to study and practice as much math as you can. Specifically, you must choose at least four topics to spend time on and create “cheat sheets” to help you remember. For more details, click the link above.
Optional Enrichment Assignments
  • Algebra 2 Assignment - Technical Writing Tools (<-- click the link)
    • In this assignment, you will use technical writing tools to describe how to put something together or describe a technical issue. You will create a 2-3 page instructional guide (on how to put something together, such as your room, a TV, make-up tutorial, programming, etc.) or write a research paper on a technical issue (HIV/AIDS, macs vs. PCs, Java Script, diseases, astrophysics, etc.). For more details, click the link above.

College Preparatory Work
  • Make sure your summer plans include some time devoted to activities that support your college goals: academic or extra-curricular enrichment, career exploration, or community involvement.
  • Visit colleges! This will help you get a feel for different campuses and begin the conversation about right fit colleges. 
  • For more information, check the SPS College Readiness Website, the "College Resources" section of your Naviance Family Connection, and read through the SPS College Application Handbook.