Parent Resources

Our parents are our partners.
We could not do what we do as a school without the support and partnership of our wonderful parents!

Below, please find the different aspects of the "Role of the Parent" here at Everest.

Priority Level 1: Ensure my student is at school and ready to learn 
Our students need to be present and physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy enough to successfully engage in school. Parents are key partners in ensuring students’ presence and health. 
  • Ensuring the physical, mental, and emotional health of student 
  • Ensuring student is on-time and present 
  • Ensuring student is picked up from school at appropriate time 
  • Arranging lunch for my student 
  • Enrolling and re-enrolling my student 
  • Completing accurately and returning school forms in a timely manner 
Priority Level 2: Partner with my student’s mentor and the school on supporting my student 
We believe our parents are our partners in helping our students achieve their educational goals. We want to have a two-way dialogue with parents about how to best support their child. We will provide opportunities for and expect parents to engage in learning about the student experience and gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to support student learning. 
  • Attending and engaging in the Personalized Learning Plan Family meeting (Sept) 
  • Building relationship and engaging with my student’s mentor 
  • Actively learn about the Summit student experience 
  • Keeping informed and updated on the school’s activities and happenings 
  • Supporting my student’s extracurricular activities 
Priority Level 3: Support students’ academic success and college readiness at home 
Our students spend only 15% to 20% of their waking hours with the school, and the remaining time is with YOU, the parents, after school, on weekends, and on holiday. When parents are able to provide a safe and supportive home for their students and reinforce the expectations and habits students need to be successful, students are better able to achieve their educational goals. 
  • Checking in with my student regularly about their academic progress 
  • Understanding and reflecting on student’s cognitive skills growth on projects 
  • Understanding and reflecting on student’s content knowledge through content assessments 
  • Ensuring my student is prepared for standardized tests 
  • Ensuring my student has a productive workspace at home 
  • Supporting my student’s college application process 
  • Providing enriching experiences over summer and vacations 
  • Supporting the choice and participation in Expeditions 

Priority Level 4: Contribute to the School Community 
One of the benefits of being a part of a small school is having a close and involved parent community. You are a key member of our community and we depend on your participation in supporting the school and strengthening the entire community. 
  • Celebrating all of our students’ achievements 
  • Recruiting new families to join the school 
  • Welcoming incoming families into the community 
  • Supporting the school’s camping trip and study trip 
  • Making the best effort to contribute at least 30 Community Hours per family each year 
  • Fundraising and donating 
  • Participating in the school’s parent organization 
  • Giving feedback to our Summit schools 
  • Participating in social events