Senior Trip Letter

Senior Study Trip 2017

Mark Your Calendars for Wed. May 24th – Fri. May 26th

 Dear Wonderful Senior Parents J!

 This is a very special Study Trip, different from the ones in the lower grades because it embodies so many reasons to celebrate the Everest experience: it is an interdisciplinary application of what our children have been learning this year at school, an on-site reminder of what a college campus experience will be like, a Mentor Group bonding experience and, in many ways, a Senior Send-Off to celebrate the culmination of the shared experience of attending Everest!

 Our 12th Grade Faculty Team, headed up by Ms. Macho, has crafted a truly meaningful, fun and memorable experience for our Seniors!  We are so fortunate to have a faculty/staff/administrative team at Everest that truly cares for our children, their high school experience and their future!

I have volunteered again this year to be the Parent Lead for our Study Trip so that means I will be recruiting all of you wonderful parents to help make this Senior Study Trip a success J.  It takes a village to roll out an excursion of this magnitude and, with that in mind, it will take all of us to step up and volunteer (in any way possible: time, money (everything from $5+ makes a difference), resources, cars, positive attitude J etc.).

 We have a total of 81 Seniors at Everest and our desired goal is to rent a charter bus (which will be able to seat around 52 students) leaving around 29 students in need of Parent Volunteer Drivers. What that means is we need the following from you:

1.)  HELP FUND OUR BUS - Please donate a financial contribution (any amount large and/or small makes a difference) so we can rent a bus.  Our needed goal amount is $5,000 in order to rent a bus and we’d like to reach that goal by the end of February.  If we do not reach our goal amount, we need many more Parent Volunteer Drivers to provide seatbelt coverage for 81 students vs 29.  

How to contribute:  Please send a check (written out to Everest Public High School) or money in an envelope to the attention of Jenny Macho, Senior Study Trip Faculty Lead.

2.) Sign up to be a Parent Volunteer Driver by going to the following link: 

3.) Sign up to donate tasty snacks during the long ride there and back (snacks always make a car trip fun and Ashland, Oregon is a bit of a distance) at the following link: 

Some Quick Fun Facts about the trip:

-       Our children will have the special treat of attending the play, MOJADA, part of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Series
"An ancient Medea tale produced in a modern setting that unleashes the power of Euripides’ original story as seen through the lens of the immigrant journey to the U.S. The Los Angeles Times praised MOJADA, saying it “casts a beguiling narrative spell while finding opportunities for biting cultural commentary” while “freely mixing comedy with drama.” The 2015 production of MOJADA at the Getty Villa was the winner of three L.A. Drama Critics’ Circle Awards."  (quoted from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival website)

-       Our children will see the amazing Shasta Dam!

-       Our children will get first-hand experience seeing the success of Willow-Witt Ranch’s use of alternative energy to create a self-sustaining farm that produces high quality, locally grown meat and dairy products. Check out their website at:

-       Our children will be staying two nights at Ashland, Oregon’s Flagship Inn which gets 4 stars on TripAdvisor with 194 fabulous reviews and a complimentary continental breakfast (including microwave ovens and refrigerators in every room) J!

For your added information, check the website at

for additional information about our AMAZING Senior Study Trip such as:

1.) Senior Trip Transportation Form – this informative document, created by Ms. Macho, gives a wonderful overview of the trip and why it is so significant for our students – how and why it is so meaningful.

2.) Tentative Study Trip Itinerary – very nice layout of our trip events and venues created by Ms. Macho and the 12th Grade Faculty Team.

This is going to be an AMAZING trip and one that our children will remember most likely for the rest of their lives!  I look forward to being a part of this shared experience with all of you since, together, we will be the village that makes it happen for our children J!

With warm regards,

Mimi Tudor (mother of Benji Tudor)