Everest Newsletter: June 4, 2018

Everest Newsletter: June 4, 2018

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Newsletter At A Glance:

– Message From Our Directors
– EPO News: Pilot Mentor Program!
– A few slots left for Class of 2022!
– Senior Update
– Why Teachers Leave – a parent’s thoughts
– Why Mr. Zuniga Rocks!
– Need help with graduation set up/clean up!
– Newsletter team – looking for new members!
– Summer youth opportunity – Loomable
– Everest Calendar for 2018-2019

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School Calendar:

– 6/4 Town Hall Meeting 3:30 – 4:30pm
– 6/5 Town Hall Meeting 7:30 am – 8:30am
– 6/5 Sports Banquet 6pm
– 6/7 Last Day of School!
– 6/8 Summer Vacation Kicks Off!
– 6/8 Senior BBQ: 4-6:30pm at Red Morton Park, Redwood City
– 6/8 Graduation Rehearsal (Mandatory for all Seniors) Sequoia HS Carrington Hall 7-9pm
– 6/10 Graduation! ​

All events are at Everest unless otherwise noted. See  Everest PHS Calendar  for a complete list of events.

Message from our Directors

Dear Everest Family,


We are looking for all hands on deck to ensure Everest finishes the year strong. Here are some ways you can support your student and our school in the last minutes of our work together this year:

– Review your student’s Platform (PLP) with them and make an action plan for them to complete all of the content work, Expeditions classes included, they may need to complete before June 6th @ 5:00, which is Everest’s deadline for content assessment completion this year.

– As part of your action plan based on your student’s academic progress, create a space at home for your student to study and do their homework every night for at least 2 hours

– Ensure your student is at school every day from, at least, 8:15-3:20pm each day. Please do not take your student out of school unless it is an unexpected family emergency.

– Encourage your student to take advantage of extra teacher support by having them attend teacher specific Office Hours on Monday and Wednesday from 3:30 – 5:00pm and Extra PLT time on Tuesday from 3:30 – 5:00pm.

Every year, we see amazing effort put into completing all projects and content assessments before we say goodbye for the summer, and we know our teachers, students, and families have it in them once again. Thank you for your partnership, and we are excited to cap the year off with pride.

Go, Snow Leopards,
Chris Lewine & Drew Moriates



EPO News: Mentor Class Parent Program Pilot

Hello incoming freshman and rising sophomore parents – want a better connection with your child’s mentor? Looking for community within the Everest school experience? Want our teachers to feel supported? Want to be better able to understand, and better impact your learner’s experience at Everest?

We think we have a solution: Designate one parent from each mentor class as the class parent to help coordinate school communication and events, as well as outside of school activities for mentor class students and parents. And we’re starting small – just with the 9th and 10th grades.

But how much time would that take, you ask?

• – Time Commitment: About 10 hours a year. Communication can be performed any time. And we’re totally open to a buddy system – where if you have great Spanish language skills but not so great English, or vice versa – we’ll play matchmaker and pair you up with a great partner!

When are we looking to identify these Mentor Group leads? The answer is now…

• – Timing: Identify 5 parents for each grade by end of 2017-18 school year

What exactly would you be gearing up to do – and when? Here are the tasks we envision:

1. First 2 weeks of school:

◦ Work with (all) parents to join Konstella (the new school communication app we’re moving to next year)

◦ Recruit participation in volunteer activities and camping trip

2. First 2 months of school: Coordinate community building activity for parents/and or students of mentor group

(any activity the group wants)

3. Each quarter

◦ Promote school events

◦ Promote volunteer opportunities

◦ One community building activity for mentor class

If you’re interested, please contact Eiri Inenaga inenaga@concentric.net



Looking for Freshman for Everest’s Class of 2022

If you’re talking about the opportunity to join the school – be proud. Here is a reminder as to what we have to offer:

SMALLER CLASSES. BIGGER RESULTS. At Summit Everest, we take personalized learning one step further – every student is assigned a faculty mentor who is the student’s coach, college counselor, and advocate. Students learn and grow in a small, safe, and inclusive community.

COLLEGE-PREP CURRICULUM. Students engage in real-world learning projects. These projects teach students to become critical thinkers and develop the habits to be successful.

WORLD-CLASS FACULTY. Our committed educators come from the nation’s top teacher-preparation programs and care deeply about our students. Our teachers focus on building relationships with students and families and coaching students to become truly empowered learners.

AN ENRICHED EXPERIENCE. Beyond the classroom, Summit Everest students can receive academic support, play sports, or lead a club. We are open after hours so students can continue to work on their goals, meet with teachers, or participate in one of our athletic teams or student clubs from soccer to yearbook and music and basketball.

ALL SUMMIT STUDENTS ARE COLLEGE-READY. Every student at Summit Everest takes at least six Advanced Placement (AP) courses and one AP exam before graduation. All graduates meet or exceed four-year college entrance requirements. 99% of Summit graduates are accepted at four-year colleges. Summit graduates are completing college within six years at double the national average.

Everest has a few spots open in each grade level, including next year’s ninth grade class. We want to fill every spot to give as many students as possible access to our small, safe community and our college-preparatory academics. Tell your friends, family, and neighbors to apply to one of the top schools in the entire state by applying online at summit.schoolmint.net.

Thank you for being an Everest ambassador! Please contact Ana Lara at alara@summitps.org with any questions.



Senior Info

Congratulations to all seniors and their families! This is it. Here are a few last minute details about graduation:

Cap and Gown: Your student will be coming home this week with their cap, gown and tassel. Please remove them from the bag, hang up the gown and read the included care instructions.

Graduation BBQ: Friday, June 8th 4-6:30pm. Red Morton Park. Please sign up to help, there are a few spots left: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/9040b4aafae1-senior Senior Parents are welcome to join the seniors and staff at this celebration.

Graduation Practice: Mandatory for all students. Friday, June 8th 7-9pm at Carrington Hall, Sequoia High School.

Graduation: Sunday, June 10th. Students to arrive at Carrington Hall no later than 2:45pm. Don’t forget your cap, gown and tassel.



Why Teachers Leave (A Parent’s Op-Ed)

Our kids love, ignore and harass them and of course, some expect our teachers to dive in front of speeding bullets and more. So why wouldn’t they leave such a rewarding profession in droves? Well, this year, they didn’t! This year’s Everest teacher turnover, while equivalent to public school experiences, is lower than average for alternative schools like Everest, per our current Executive Director, Chris Lewine. Also positive – this year, the majority of reasons are family based, with our teachers moving geographically to reconnect to families, or to enable a spouse’s job opportunity.

Over time at Everest, family reasons for turnover have been cited less frequently than those of taking advantage of professional advancement opportunities. For example, we’ve lost teachers to opportunities that exist within the Summit system to take on larger roles – such as managing science curriculum across all Summit schools. Or the forthcoming moves of Mr. Lewine, Mr Moriates and Mr. Zuniga at the end of this year – each is a great example of upward and onward mobility within the Summit School system.

Knowing how important teacher retention is, Everest has been working on making it more rewarding to come to our school, and to stay. For instance, Everest is really appealing to first and second year teachers, who get support (financial and otherwise) to clear their credential – a benefit which is unique to the Summit system. Everest has also instituted a retention program that rewards teachers with bonus compensation for their 3rd and 5th year.

Turnover happens more at Everest and Summit than at traditionally structured high schools, but it’s also perhaps a reflection of the kind of teachers we are looking for, the job that they’re asked to do and the growth of the Summit system overall.

Teaching at Everest is a non-traditional teaching job, requiring teachers who are flexible, ambitious, and willing to go above and beyond. This may sound a little like Star Trek, but yes, Everest looks for teachers who are bolder and willing to search beyond normative ways of education. Entrepreneurial, in short.

For example, this year, we’re losing Ms. Docherty, who currently teaches AP Stats and AP Calculus, as well as an overview of robotics for Summit seniors. She’s heading off to graduate school at Stanford, because she’s interested in reshaping the way that math is taught in American schools, and needs the degree and time to refine her vision and make it happen. So yes, we love and mourn the loss of amazing teachers like Ms. Docherty, but we all so benefit from the time that we share together.

Final thoughts – appreciate the teachers that stayed – and welcome the new staff coming in!
Linnaea Knisely, Editor ​



Parent Reaction to our New Executive Director!

At the most recent EPO meeting, we chatted about how half of our school parent community really knows and values what Mr. Zuniga is going to bring to his new role as head of school. And the other half doesn’t know him at all. We thought we’d share a few comments as to why we’re excited, even though we’ll definitely miss Drew and Chris, and are glad that they will still be lending their experience and skills towards Summit’s success. I’ll start. Mr. Zuniga is committed to the success of the school, extremely well organized, well spoken, gets along with diverse personalities, and is so good at maintaining discipline in his classroom that my son was simultaneously excited and unnerved by the idea of having him as a teacher in his senior year. A no BS kind of teacher, in short. He’s been mentoring several of the other teachers, has been a lead in managing all school events, and I think he’ll do a great job as the Executive Director. (Linnaea Knisely, Editor)

“I am excited that Mr. Zuniga will be out next Executive Director at Everest. If there is anyone who understands what Everest stands for it is him. Mr. Zuniga started as a student at Summit, has been a teacher since Everest’s inception (I think that’s correct?) and has now come full circle to take over as the head of school. In every interaction I’ve ever had with him, Mr Zuniga has been thoughtful, caring, insightful and attentive.The Everest community is in good hands.” Mimi Ezray, Junior parent

“Congratulations to Mr. Jimmy Zuniga for becoming Executive Director of Everest. I have been fortunate to work with Mr. Zuniga on the camping trip and he brings patience, organization, leadership and most importantly is respected by members of the Everest Community. Mr. Zuniga will continue to build Everest to new heights under his leadership and directions!” Jay Patel, Senior and Freshman Parent



Newsletter Team Looking for New Members!

Hi all – we’ve been a mighty team of 4 members (compared to last year’s group of 8), but 2 of our group are moving on. So we’re advertising early! Being on the Newsletter Team represents a 2-3 hour commitment per week that you’re “on”. With a team of 4 members, you’re on every other week – and with 8, it’s just once/month. Articles come in to a central gmail address, and it’s your job, in tandem with your spanish translator partner – to cut out the outdated information, add the new, and prepare this week’s draft for Everest Admin to be able to add their piece and send it out. The framework, resources, and systems are all in place to keep this important communication service going – now all we need is you! We’re losing one spanish translator and one english editor, and are looking for more to keep the load light, and the ideas coming!

If you’re interested, please contact us at everestnewsletter@gmail.com



Stanford Students Mentorship Projects

Loomable matches local 7-10th graders with mentors with similar backgrounds who now are at great colleges like Stanford. In addition to mentoring, Loomable’s college role models also lead workshops for young students to engage their curiosity (e.g., robotics, coding, public speaking, museum field trips) – at a fraction of the price of private instructors. There’s something powerful about learning from someone near your age, who had your exact experience in school. All of the college students are vetted and trained. Sign-up by Sun, May 20 with code: SUMMER for 20% off. Text or call (707) 418-0249 to hear more and request a 10-minute consultation, or you can find more information at https://www.loomable.co/.



2018 Everest Calendar Set

If you didn’t see it in recent newsletters, we’re still excited to be able to share this incredibly useful tool for planning your summer, fall….and beyond!!! An unprecedented level of planning has resulted in not only our standards: Faculty development days, Expeditions, School start and end dates, but also the Camping Trip Dates! Please start marking your calendars to save the dates to support Everest as a Chaperone or as a driver to or from this incredible experience.

Key dates:

  • – School kicks off for New Students (Freshmen, Transfers) on Tuesday, August 14th.
  • – The full student body starts school on Wednesday, August 15.
  • – The Camping Trip will take place on August 30th and 31st.



Newsletter Submission Information

We publish the Newsletter every week on Sunday while school is in session.  Email submissions to everestnewsletter@gmail.com by Tuesday evening.  Any submissions received after the deadline will be included in the following week’s newsletter.  Please include the organization name, event, date, time, location and contact info, including website URL. All submissions are subject to editing by the EPO.Everest Public High School and The EPO do not take responsibility for the content of any third party events, submissions, or websites.  Your newsletter team:  Linnaea Knisely, Barbara Ristow, Raquel Izumi and Veronica Larios.