Everest Newsletter: January 15, 2018

Everest Newsletter: January 15, 2018

Newsletter At A Glance:

– Letter From Our Directors
– Message from the EPO
– What is LCAP, anyway?
– Our Water Cooler is Installed!
– Sequoia Parents Education Opportunities


School Calendar:

– 1/15 School Closed MLK Holiday
– 1/17 Paying for College/Standardized Testing Night: 6:30-8:00pm at Everest
– 1/23 EPO General Parent Meeting: 6:30pm at Everest


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Athletics Calendar 2018

– 1/15 Boys Basketball vs. Basis Independent School, Sequoia HS
– 1/18 Boys Soccer vs. Summit Rainier Location TBD
– 1/19 Boys Basketball vs. Waldorf School Sequoia HS (4:30 – 5:30)
– 1/20 Boys Basketball vs. South San Francisco High School, 1:30-2:30 pm 400 B St, South San Francisco, CA 94080
– 1/23 Boys Soccer vs. LCPA at Sequoia HS
– 1/23 Boys Basketball vs. Summit Shasta 8:15-9:15pm at Sequoia HS
– 1/25 Boys Soccer vs. Summit Tahoma 6:30 pm Location TBD
– 1/26 Boys Basketball at Sacred Heart Preparatory 3:30 – 4:30pm

– 1/27 Boys Basketball vs. Cambridge Int’ll Prep School  2:30-3:30pm Sequoia HS

All events are at Everest unless otherwise noted. See  Everest PHS Calendar  for a complete list of events.

Prospective Student Key Dates – Spread the Word:

– Saturday, January 20th – Open House at Everest Public High School at 10am. Address: 455 Fifth Ave, Redwood City, CA 94063
– Friday, January 26th –9th Grade Application Deadline at 3:00pm at Summit Prep and Everest.
– Friday, February 2nd–9th Grade Lottery at 9:00am at Summit Prep and Everest.
– Friday February 2, Class of 2022 Meet and Greet 3:30-4:30 at Everest Public High School

All events are at Everest unless otherwise noted. See Everest PHS Calendar for a complete list of events.

Letter from Our Directors

Dear Everest Family,

A new year comes with new opportunities and a renewed sense of purpose. What fortunes we have to be a part of Everest and all of the values it stands for! When we think aboutEverest, we think about a community of learners and educators dedicated to creating the most successful learning environment for each one of its students. We think of the families that believe in our mission of preparing a diverse group of students to be successful in college and career so that they can be contributing members of our ever-changing, global society. We think of student purpose and well-being.

We both have different stories of what led us to Everest; however, when we think about the work we do each day, it is clear we are both dedicated to providing a personalized experience for each one of our students and families so that every scholar can develop into the best version of themselves. We come to work each day because we want students to be given opportunities at Everest they would not have been given otherwise. We want students to feel challenged, appreciated, heard, supported, and loved.

Every member of the Everest community has a reason for being in our school. Every Snow Leopard has their own purpose, motivation, and story.

What is your story for why you and your student attend Everest?

As you begin to remind yourself of the reasons you trust Everest with your student’s education and development each day, we wanted to share opportunities for you to engage your friends and neighbors in learning more about Everest so that they, too, can become the best version of themselves and have their own Everest story.

First, Everest is having its final Open House on Saturday, January 20th from 10:00 – 11:00am at Everest Public High School. This is a chance for families and students to learn more about our mission and model and apply to attend Everest for the 2019 school year. At this Open House, participants will hear from teachers, students, and administrators about their experiences at Everest, and participants will get a direct link to register for prioritized Shadow Days: Organized opportunity for students to spend the first half of the school day shadowing an Everest student to their classes so that they can see firsthand what the Everestexperience is like. Please share this opportunity with your network and even take the opportunity to join on Saturday; we always appreciate seeing friendly and familiar faces.

Second, Summit Public Schools has an active blog (blog.summitlearning.org) where many Summit contributors write about exciting developments, research, and opportunities within the Summit community. This is a great place to learn more about Summit’s progress as an organization and its priorities.

Lastly, Summit Public Schools has an active Facebook account where the most up to date news is shared from all of our wonderful Summit schools (facebook.com/SummitPS). This page is updated very frequently and gives our community a chance to see the amazing work our organization does each day.

We are proud of Summit Public Schools, and we are proud of Everest. We are excited to continue to share our progress and growth with each one of you over the course of 2018. We will see you tomorrow.

Chris Lewine & Drew Moriates

January 23rd (6:30-7:30 @ Everest) – All School EPO Meeting… And You’re Invited

It’s a triple header of a night – deliberately structured to make sure that you’re fully informed, and to prepare the process for you to offer your thoughts on Everest’s goals and priorities.

First, get an update from our Student Government Team about their goals and current activities.

Second, Chris presents an overview of the strategies and actions implemented by Everestaround three top priorities: College Readiness, Parent Partnership, and creating a school where everyone feels safe.   This includes the chance to hear in more detail about howEverest’s budget drives our investment in each of the school’s priorities.  To recap, you get to better understand what’s in place, hear what’s in store – and to get ready to share your voice with the Staff and Faculty as we continue to maintain and improve Everest’s goals and priorities.  This evening serves as the first of two forums in which Everest works with parents to create our updated LCAP, or Local Control and Accountability Plan.  LCAPs are required of every school and district, and are explained in greater detail in the following article.

Third, get the scoop on our upcoming College Study Trips.  Parents are welcome to engage to identify ways to maximize the experience – through unique tours or activities on campuses and communities students will visit.

And like the Ginsu knives – the bargain just gets better.  Parents of 9th, 10th and 11th graders can get a read on, and take up the opportunity to pitch in to make the class of 2018 graduation the celebration that our graduating families deserve.  Trust me, it’s so useful to have that experience when it’s time to plan and execute your child’s 2019, 2020 or 2021 graduation!

What is “LCAP” and Why Is It Important to You?

LCAP stands for the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP), and every school (and school district) in CA must create one. The following defines it at the school district level – the gist is that Everest wants and needs to have parent input to complete our plan. The meeting on the 23rd, from 6:30-7:30 at Everest is your chance to provide input.

The LCAP process offers important ways for parents to engage in decision making. Each school must engage parents, educators, employees and the community to establish these plans. The plans will describe the school’s overall vision for students, annual goals and specific actions the school will take to achieve the vision and goals. The LCAP must focus on eight areas identified as state priorities. The plans will also demonstrate how the school’s budget will help achieve the goals, and assess each year how well the strategies in the plan were able to improve outcomes.

There are eight areas for which Everest, with parent and community input, must establish goals and actions. This must be done for each school. The areas are:

– Providing all students access to fully credentialed teachers, instructional materials that align with state standards, and safe facilities.
– Implementation of California’s academic standards, including the Common Core State Standards.
– Parent involvement and participation, so the local community is engaged in the decision-making process.
– Improving student achievement and outcomes along multiple measures, including test scores, English proficiency and college and career preparedness.
– Supporting student engagement.
– Highlighting school climate and connectedness.
– Ensuring all students have access to classes that prepare them for college and careers.
– Measuring other important student outcomes related to required areas of study, including physical education and the arts.

During our meeting on the 23rd, we will discuss the programs and services currently being offered at Everest and their effectiveness in achieving student outcomes. We will also discuss the strategies, programs, and services planned to improve student outcomes for our students. We are looking forward to sharing our plan as well as receiving your input for how that plan can be improved!

Our Water Cooler is Installed!

As many of you know, the EELT (Everest Environmental Leadership Team) has worked very hard this year to give the gift of a filtered water filling station (see picture below) as apart of their year long project. With help from numerous donators and fundraisers we were able to raise about $1,660.

We would like to give a SPECIAL thanks to the many people who made this possible (in no particular order!):

Alyssa Herrera-Set           Linnaea Knisely                     Kennan Damon
Ana Torres                        Lisa Harger Sweeney            Kerr Family
Bharat Patel                     Lisa Stanger                            Kristin Armbruster
Bruce Harger                   Maria Rangel                         Kristin Harger
David & Maria Kramer    Marjorie Sweeney                 Laura Mills
David Sanchez                Natasha Skok                        Linda Burt
Eiri & Andrew                   Pam Willis
                               Linda Harger

Ezray Family                    Patricia Coyer                        Steve Menashe
Heather Hatfield             Robert McCool                       Susan Ermer
Heidi Sweeney               Ron Albertson                         Torri Horovitz
Jay & Nimisha Patel       Sean DeBruine                       Tsugawa Family
Jessie McCandless       Stacey Signorello                   Wendy Zimmer
Sweeney Family           ….and numerous anonymous donors

And an EXTRA thanks to Myron Kong, Summit Director of Real Estate & Facilities and his team for installing the fountain!

By using the water filling station at our school, we will not only provide safe drinking water for the students and faculty, but help reduce the number of disposal plastic bottles that end up in the trash. Furthermore with the digital counter, we can contribute to environmental sustainability by tracking the number of bottles the station will save from going in the trash! This Is Our “environmentally friendly” School! After only 2 days, we had already saved 75 bottles!

Thank you so much for the amazing support towards our fountain. Students are so happy and many have already used it for the first time!

Parent Education Series

Menlo Atherton Parent Education Series presents Devorah Heiltner, PhD, Founder of Raising Digital Natives on Tuesday, January 23, 2018 7:00 – 8:30 pm

M-A Performing Arts Center (PAC)
555 Middlefield Road, Atherton
Register: https://devorahheitner2018ma.eventbrite.com

Presenter: Dr. Devorah Heitner, Raising Digital Natives, author of Screenwise: Helping Kids Thrive (and Survive) in Their Digital World

Join us for an inspiring presentation that addresses empathy, boundaries, and etiquette that can set kids up for a lifetime of success as digital communicators.

In the digital world, no skill is more crucial than empathy. Learn what it’s like for teens to grow up in a world where school experiences, family life, and friendships are all shaped by digital connection—and how you can share your own wisdom to help your kids become the best people they can be.



Eran Magen, PhD, Center for Supportive Relationships
Managing Emotionally-Intense Conversations with Your Teen

Wednesday, January 31, 2018, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
Woodside High School, MUR (Multi-Use Room)
199 Churchill Avenue, Woodside

Register: https://eranmagen2018woodside.eventbrite.com

Back by popular demand! Trying to offer support when your tween or teen seems upset or stressed can feel like tiptoeing through a minefield.

Learn how to be more comfortable offering emotional support when your child is stressed, frustrated, angry, or anxious. Dr. Eran Magen shares strategies that will help your child feel better and think more clearly, while improving your parent-child relationship.



Michael Donnolly, FCD Prevention Works
Prevention Works: Keeping Healthy Kids Healthy

Wednesday, February 7, 2018, 7:00 – 8:30 pm
Sequoia High School, Carrington Hall
1201 Brewster Avenue, Redwood City

Register: https://fcdpreventionworks2018sequoia.eventbrite.com/

What keeps healthy kids and teens healthy? Join Michael Connolly, Prevention Specialist, for an open discussion about the prevention of substance use/abuse in teens.

FCD works worldwide to provide students and families with the knowledge, understanding, and skills they need to make intelligent, healthy choices about alcohol, tobacco (vaping), marijuana and other drug use.

Parents, students, educators, and community members welcome!
Spanish interpretation will be available. Free admission & light refreshments.
M-A Parent Education Series events are sponsored by M-A PTA, Sequoia Healthcare District, and Sequoia Union High School District.

Questions? Contact Charlene Margot, M.A., Director, The Parent Education Series, cmargot@csmconsulting.net. For Spanish, contact Lilly Quiñonez, Parent Center Coordinator, at 650-322-5311, Ext. 50255.


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